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Accelerate Solution Pipeline Build with Cybersecurity Market Experts

Growth Marketing Services by Cybersecurity Experts

Tired of hearing from agencies over LinkedIn or your website and then realizing they know nothing about your niche? As former cyber start-up and enterprise executives, we’ve been in your shoes scaling sales and marketing, and finding product market fit. It takes a deeper understanding of your buyer, your competition and the overall market to effectively sell your product in today’s hyper competitive, noisy markets. We had bad experiences with the generalized marketing and lead generation agency approach with account managers. We execute domain smart content, growth and outreach strategies led by proven executives to accelerate revenue and fill pipelines. 

Offloading CEOs and Accelerating PMF and Repeatable Sales for Startups

As a startup CEO, your job is much broader than assisting in sales. And if you’re a founder, you need to continually be moving beyond Founder Selling. To achieve a sustainable pipeline and repeatable model, it takes at scale experimentation and iteration. We find most startups never fully clarify their market positioning and align their GTM effectively, leading to a non-repeatable pipeline and sales engagement model. We can help. Founded by a former data-driven Wall Street analyst and technology-deep marketing executive, and complemented with experts in sales, design and marketing ops, Synchrony is a unique consulting firm and execution agency specializing in lean, growth marketing services.

Analyst-Level Understanding and Recommendations for your Strategy

Each niche of cybersecurity is different and has different messaging challenges. That said, paid and earned media channels work the same and we leverage our focus to get valuable insights and results. Our initial strategic and digital marketing review of your niche informs our strategy. From there we iterate until we find the levers that create the most impact to your pipeline.  We bring years of cyber industry and product domain expertise to the table, and combine it with top tier digital and brand design practices.

Services We Offer

Solution Positioning & GTM Strategy

Our most comprehensive positioning and GTM strategy analysis and recommendation engagement. Provides an analysis of your market, competitors and buyer personas with recommendations for positioning and initial messaging campaigns. We follow a McKinsey strategy consulting process and supplement it with our proprietary independent market research process.

ABM Ad and Outreach Service

Ready to accelerate your pipeline? Our 120-day ABM service offers a lighter weight strategic marketing analysis and uses knowledge transfer and digital marketing to come up with intelligent outreach scripts and keyword strategies. The ideas is to get to data-driven as fast as possible. This offering creates surgical brand awareness, highly efficient hunting for qualified leads and continual optimization of conversion tactics.  

Ongoing Market & Competitive Intel

Executives only have time to keep up with their markets in a scattered way. We systematize it and inform your leadership team. Wondering what content you should write next? How to message new news in your press release?  What webinars would be timely? This service provides recommendations on all of this and your demand generation campaigns as we keep up with your market outside in. An add-on our Ad Services.

A La Carte Design, PMM or C-Level Services

Our executive partners can assist with CRO or CMO strategic planning projects on an as-needed basis. Need a detailed marketing budget drawn up, help with a sales or investor deck, a whitepaper or e-book written, or any sort of graphic design clean up or creation? We are not an inbound marketing agency but our team encompasses all of the skills of one to achieve our goals and may be able to help.

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