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Accelerating Your Path to Differentiation and Repeatable Sales

Deep Tech B2B Selling Experts

Tired of hearing from agencies over LinkedIn or your website? As former start-up and deep tech executives, we’ve been in your shoes trying to scale marketing and sales. It takes a deeper understanding of your buyer and the market to effectively sell your product. This cannot be accomplished by your run-of-the-mill marketing or lead gen agency. Today’s buyer is more elusive than ever, and your messaging must be spot on to engage them in the sales cycle. This is where we excel, we help technology vendors position and differentiate their solutions to accelerate revenue and increase their pipeline.

Offloading CEOs and Bringing Intelligent Perspective

As a CEO, your job is much larger than closing a sale. To achieve a sustainable pipeline and repeatable selling, it takes focus and proven expertise in doing this. We find most start-ups never fully clarify their go-to-market or positioning to effectively build a repeatable pipeline and sales engagement model. We are experts in doing just that. Formed by the perspectives of former analysts, product marketers, CROs and CMOs, Synchrony is a unique consulting and advisory firm specializing in specific value-add niches.

Strategic Marketing-Led Engagements

We accelerate revenue for your organization through highly resonant sales and marketing that hits home with your buyer’s pain points and uniquely communicates your value and differentiation at all stages of the buyer journey. Most employees are unfortunately too focused on the next operational priority to do this effectively, and it takes the right combination of strategic perspective and ABM focus to do well. We begin every one of our engagements with the Synchrony 360° Assessment, a comprehensive strategic marketing consulting project that drives our messaging recommendations and sales development strategy.

Services We Offer

Synchrony 360° Report

Our comprehensive GTM strategy analysis and report. Provides a comprehensive view of your market, competitors and buyers with recommendations for key messaging and positioning strategies. All projects begin with this high value, high impact engagement from proven product and strategic marketing C-level executives.

At-Scale Sales Outreach

Ready to build your pipeline? We use keen understanding of your market and buyers to come up with intelligent outreach scripts and automate a process for improving their effectiveness. We put data behind your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) and the messaging and key conversion tactics that get meetings and results. 

Market & Competitive Intel Report

A monthly curated market/competitive intelligence digest for busy executives; delivered with our home grown processes and consumable via written or audible updates

High Impact CRO/CMO Services

Our executive partner can assist you through high impact, board-level sales or marketing development projects based on our executive experience leading and scaling start-ups.

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