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Synchrony Group specializes in helping B2B technology vendors reach their buyers more effectively and efficiently. Using a proprietary set of proven processes, the group aligns deep marketing expertise and subject matter expertise with best practices ABM selling techniques. Synchrony was founded by Horacio Zambrano, a former analyst and technology executive in 2017. All engagements are led by prior C-level executives that leverage our systems, frameworks, templates and processes to create breakthrough results for our clients.


Horacio Zambrano

Founder and Managing Director
Horacio Zambrano has spent over 25 years in the B2B Enterprise Software market, beginning with his first job out of Stanford at Oracle in the early 90’s. Today, he is the Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer for TruU, a Silicon-Valley early stage cybersecurity start-up in the digital identity market.

Bruce Eastman

Managing Director

Barry Strauss

Director, Marketing Management

Kimberly Kelley

Director, Content Marketing

Nadine Nanda

Manager, Marketing Automation

Dave Stevens

Graphic Designer

Mathew Grubb

Graphic Designer

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